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IMG_8260May these images and words inspire and comfort others as they have me. I’ve always loved nature and sharing its beauty with others. Born in Tennessee, raised in Ohio, and now back in Tennessee for over 20 years, Appalachia is in my blood and heart. I recently married a Kentucky boy, so I hope to soon add its beauty to my collection. 

All images are © copyrighted material of Lee (Fierbaugh) Harrison and may not be used without written permission.

My Granddad (1911-1995) taught me to appreciate the art of photography, my parents helped me develop a love of God’s creation, and my Aunt Toby (1942-1993) showed me how to find beauty in almost anything. May these images and words inspire and comfort others as they have me.

If you’re a Fierbaugh/Firebaugh and are interested in our family genealogy, please email me for access to the Fierbaugh Family Tree at www.ancestry.com. It goes back to 1744, when Heinrich Feuerbach arrived in Philadelphia from Germany.

If you are interested in a print or digital copy of any images, please email me with your size/framing requirements and I’ll get back to you with a personalized quote. Thanks!


25 thoughts on “About Lee

  1. I would say Aunt Toby must be alive in you. These are the finest collection of photos on Appalachia I’ve seen. The quotations you’ve chosen are apt and unique.

  2. Lee, your willingness to share the beauty in your soul, the talents of your life, and the love in your heart have given me purpose in a new life to be lived starting right now. I believe I was as low as a person can be-yet God- in His loving mercy somehow directed me to your website. I do not know how I got here-I ONLY KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING LIFE BACK INTO ME.I will look on your website each day as a beginning to a new life.I will think on these things that you have so graciously and lovingly compiled. May God contiue to bless you beyond measure-and thank you for helping me to find life in God’s creation and his Spirit in those whom you have quoted down through the ages.Thank you for reminding me where life is-all around me.I just forgot to look!

  3. First time here and already like your blog. I respect kindhearted people who love nature and its beauty. I’ll try to watch you on a more regular basis. Bye!
    Chrysanthe Michalopoulou,
    Athens, Greece

  4. Hi Lee, This site is such a gift. One day I would love to find them published in an elegant book so that I could linger over them and allow their beauty to seep in.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration and your gifts.

  5. Lee:

    I stumbled onto your blog quite be accident and I am so glad I did. I’m bookmarking it ASAP so I can continue to enjoy your magnificent photographs. You are truly an artist; these images are inspirational. I am a bit jealous because I simply haven’t got the photographers eye, even in the age of point and shoot digital cameras. I have to create all of my images with words!

    I love your template choice as well. I wanted to use this one originally but the title of my blog wouldn’t fit. But, honestly, this one is perfect as a background for your rich photos.


    Flat Rock Creek Notebook: Memoirs of the Here and Now

  6. Lee, It is nice to discover others with an awareness of the beauty and wisdom that is found in the Appalachian mountains. Thanks for the using your great talent to share the inspirations you find in the Appalachians.


  7. Your photos are so inspiring. I’m a NW Florida gal whose heart yearns for the beauty and peacefulness of the mountains. Your blog always lifts my spirits. I’ve been coming to the mountains several times a year for the last 10 years and each time I come it’s always fresh and new. I never tire of it’s timeless beauty. God truly blessed you with an awesome talent.

    • Christine, thanks for your sweet comments. I’m honored anytime I hear my blog has touched someone’s heart. Blessings!

  8. Now I know what you do in your free time–when you have some. These are totally awesome photos. Thank you! Just stumbled across your website quite by accident–didn’t even realize it was you until I started reading the very small print. HA! Keep up the great work!

  9. Lee thank you for re introducing me to some of the most gifted and talented people such as yourself. I love to read the words of wisdom of those past and present it makes me feel so connected to everything and everyone around me.Namaste! my new and lasting friend

  10. I really enjoy blogs like this! Very tastefully done! Thank you for sharing your love of nature and inspiring words! It’s my dream to visit places like these…until then I’m glad to enjoy them through your pictures and inspirational words! You truly have a gift for bringing it all together! Looking forward to visiting more often.

  11. Hi, Tina. Right now the only option for following the blog is an email subscription. You can find a link on the left sidebar. I haven’t ventured enough into WordPress to determine how/if I can add a “following this blog” feature. If someone knows how to do that, I’d welcome the tip.

    Thanks for your support and encouragement!

  12. Hi Lee,

    I too stumbled upon your blog and it is very well done and quite beautiful. I grew up in SW Va and Upper East Tn in your neighboring county, Sullivan, so I am familiar with the beauty of the region. Your photographs do an excellent job of capturing that beauty. I now live in Asheville, but sometimes I do miss the Tn area!

    I have some experience with WP web development and if you would like I can perhaps assist with “following this blog” functionality. If that appeals to you e-mail me and I’ll be happy to help.


    • Thanks, Dave. I’ve been working on my doctorate degree, working full-time, and writing my dissertation, so things have been hectic. But I miss posting (and hiking and photography!) too. My New Year’s Resolution is to post more often in 2012. I appreciate your encouragement!


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