Where I Need to Be

Red Trillium

“I’m not running, and I’m not walking fast.
I’m going where I need to be.”

Johnny McEntyre


2 thoughts on “Where I Need to Be

  1. Lee – You are an awesome photographer, and do a great job of combining your photos with many inspiring and thought-provoking quotes. Thanks!
    Now, not to be “picky” but that is a beautiful shot of a RED trillium! The painted trillium is white with red markings. Here’s a link to a few photos of mine that includes the painted trillium:

    Thanks for all you do to promote our region’s amazing creation and our Creator!

    • Thanks for catching that, Marty. I should know better than to label things late at night by memory. My memory often fails me. You’ve got some great pics. Thanks for sharing!

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