Rhododendron blossom opening

“Whenever the going seems easy
you are on the wrong road.”




9 thoughts on “Easy?

  1. Lovely photography. Your love of nature shines through.

    Are some rhododendrons native to Appalachia? They are very popular here on the west coast of Canada but I don’t think any are native. They do very well in our climate though and people like them because they have beautiful blooms and they are evergreen.

  2. Yes, we have a few Rhodies around here. From the Great Smoky Mountains National Park website:

    Nine species of native shrubs in the rhododendron genus live in the park: rosebay (white) rhododendron, Catawba (purple) rhododendron, flame azalea, sweet azalea, Cumberland azalea, small-leaved azalea, pinxter-bush, pink azalea, and clammy azalea. Together they cover thousands of acres in the national park.


  3. Rhododendron and mountain laurel bloom all over the Appalachias, from Maine to Georgia. They’re also plentiful in Oregon and probably many other areas of America that have the right temperatures, soil, and rain.

    See http://appalachiantreks.blogspot.com/search?q=rhododendron for more information and photos of rhododendrons in Appalachia, as well as the difference between rhododendrons and mountain laurel.

    Thanks for your visit and comments!


  4. Thanks everyone for your replies to my query about rhodos. Mountain laurels are also very popular in west coast gardens and native to British Columbia.

    And thanks for the links. I did not know Appalachia was so beautiful.

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