Pleaser, Performer, Perfectionist

“As a woman I sometimes felt that I had been scripted
to be all things to all people. But when I tried,
I usually ended up forfeiting my deepest identity,
my own unique truth as God’s creature.”

Sue Monk Kidd, b. 1948
When the Heart Waits



One thought on “Pleaser, Performer, Perfectionist

  1. Lee – as always…amazing photograph! I wholeheartedly agree w/ Kidd’s philosophy on this point. In deciding to stay at home, I came to the conclusion that we – as women – have been sold a bill of goods in being children of women’s lib. Not that I’m not grateful for the *many* things that liberation has provided me, *but* it also tells us we can “have it all”, b/c we have the opportunity we should take it (& are thought less of if we don’t), & b/c we have *all* opportunities then we can be successful @ all. simply not true. we ultimately forfeit ourselves & who we are in Christ. as one of your earlier emerson quotes infers…i am all i have of me. we cannot be all things to all people & ultimately we are not worth anything to anyone if we don’t know who we are in Him. thank you for sharing your beautiful photos (i envy your eye on our Father’s creation) & the perspective you bring through these short quotes or passages. hope you enjoyed the holiday weekend & we’ll see you in october!

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